Happy St Andrews Day – 30th November

Despite it being an official bank holiday in Scotland (since 2007 don’t you know), we at Brand-It will be as busy as ever this Friday, creating gorgeous bespoke gifts. Look no further for inspiration than our St. Andrew's Day Pinterest board.

We’re very excited about our latest project - fabulously traditional hand painted baubles for Pocklington School. What began as a photo of the school in the snow, has magically transformed into individually boxed little glass wonders. Is it too early to put our tree up?

This week we also delivered new uniforms to the food fanatics of Zittos in North Berwick. According to Trip Advisor they’re ranked #4 in the area, so while you’re partaking of their delicious festive cheer, make sure to mention how great they all look in their freshly supplied purple attire.

While we get back to our basket wrapping (you did read last weeks blog entry, didn’t you?), we’ll leave you with a fascinating fact. In 832 AD, Andrew is said to have appeared in a vision to a Pictish king, the night before a battle against the Northumbrians in what is now the village of Athelstaneford (a mere 6 miles from Brand-It HQ). On the day of the battle an X-shaped cross appeared in the sky above the battlefield and the Picts were victorious.

Quick, raise the Saltire Nina……


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