A bespoke seasonal gift that doesn’t cost a fortune

Photo Copyright: Rhona Hartley

I’m always surprised when people say to me “But I thought corporate gifts died after the Millennium!” I smile and tell them that branded gifts are very much alive and well. There will always be a time, in the life-cycle of every organisation, when it suddenly finds a need for branded merchandise or requires personalised incentives to reward staff achievements.

Often the next statement I hear is “But we can just go online to find what we need.” True. You can. But ask yourself will the items you select be original, appropriate and have longevity? Probably not. That’s why my clients come to Branding Up. They recognise my ability to think creatively, value my wealth of product knowledge, and rely on me to deliver to their time and budget constraints. To demonstrate all these points, here’s a little example of what I’m talking about.

I noticed that a UK high street retailer - the one that’s all magic and sparkle - is promoting its corporate gifts this holiday season. Looking at their website, it’s an uninspiring selection of over priced gift vouchers, e-gift cards and food. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t really fire my imagination.

By way of contrast, I’ve created a bespoke gift of my own. TechCube is a mini survival kit for that ‘geek gal or guy’ that we all know. It’s fun, personal and doesn’t break the bank to produce. The generic contents I chose are just a suggestion. You could fill your TechCube with different items that are tailored to the individuals that will receive your gift.

Photo Copyright: Rhona Hartley

TechCube Contents:
  • PNY Powerpack Portable Charger – £9.99 @ Currys PC World
  • Allsopp ComfortBead Mini Wrist Support – £6.99 @ Curry PC World
  • Belkin Pink USB Lightening Cable - £9.99 @ Sainsbury’s
  • Sony Pink Earbuds – £7.00 @ Sainsbury’s
  • Jansjö USB Lamp – £2.00 @ IKEA 
Total spend: £35.97

Photo Copyright: Rhona Hartley

But, of course, you’ll need something to put these wonderful bits and bobs into. Won’t you? As this is very much the season of giving, I’ve popped a PDF of my TechCube artwork online for you to download, print and then cut out. How easy is that?

If this is the kind of bespoke corporate gift idea that you’re looking for, then why not give me a festive ding-dong-merrily-on-high on 07733 321759, or email me at rhona@brandingup.co.uk. I’d love to help you become a secret Santa this year.


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