March winds and April showers…

… bring forth May flowers!

We love this saying not only because we adore flowers - especially if they're bright pink ones! - but because we can enjoy glimpses of the Forth estuary and watch impending weather-fronts approach from the mezzanine floor at Brand-it HQ.

Over the past week we've been investigating what items people have been searching for on the net that have lead them to the Brand-it Scotland website. As it is such an eclectic mix of products we really felt the need to share. So here are the top 5 items:

1 Tweed and Leather bags
Who doesn't love a gorgeous bag? The leather and tartan Joey-D ones we had produced for the University of Edinburgh's Visitor Centre last year were a runaway success. Regardless of what your budget is, we can suggest fab bags that can be branded and will look amazing! To get you started why not have a look at our new Bags board on Pinterest.

2 Champagne Baskets
We already supply a number of Brand-it customers with bespoke gift baskets which contain champagne, chocolates and other delicious goodies. As we create these items here at Brand-it HQ they can be customised to include anything your heart desires. Give us a call and let's chat about the contents of a basket that your customers would love to receive!

3 T-Shirt Printing
Promotional t-shirts are never out of vogue! Whatever event your organising - a product launch, a team-building exercise or just a one-off happening, printed apparel is a fab way to get your brand, identity and message across to your audience in a cost-effective way.

4 Promotional Windbreakers
All of us would dine al-fresco if we could but that's not possible here in Scotland. When the sun does shine though, tables and chairs at local bistros are hastily moved onto the pavement. Planning permission from local councils usually specify the dimensions that these dining areas can occupy. So why not define and brand the area with promotional windbreakers? Let potential customers know who you are!

5 Unique Promotional Merchandise
This is Brand-it's forté! We love it when a customer challenges us to find unique, unusual or even quirky promotional merchandise. However in order for us to suggest the perfect giveaway we need as much information from you as possible. To do that you can either complete the "Challenge Us" form on our website, send an email to or simply pick-up the phone and have a good old fashioned chat.

Whatever your branded promotional needs this spring remember that Diane and I are here to help and advise you. All we need now is a string of great sunny days to make life just perfect!


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