Halloween treats that will leave everyone screaming for more!

“Scary Biscuits!” The little girl shrieked.

“Yes,” said her mum, as she finished brushing the black and green hair and popped the witch’s hat on top of her daughter. “So don’t forget to take the basket for your goodies!”

“Can you remember your poem?” the mother asked.

The little girl thought briefly, took a deep breath and then recited:

“One dark cold October night,
Three little witches gave you a fright.
One was in red, and one was in green,
And the third one was screaming ‘It’s Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!’”

Traditionally Halloween was celebrated by the Celts. It marked the end of summer and the harvest-time with the beginning of the darker winter months. The Celts believed that this point in the year was also when the worlds of the living and dead interacted with one another, and ghosts returned to earth to cause mischief and mayhem.

These days Halloween is an altogether more commercial event. Parents now purchase elaborate costumes for their children to wear, which are far removed from the simple home-made illustrated cardboard outfits that I used to go out guising in.

What hasn’t changed though, is the performance element that children must undertake in order to win their reward; whether it’s telling a joke; singing a song; or reciting a poem. Nor has the excitement evaporated, of children examining their trick-or-treat prizes and counting up the coins received throughout the evening.

But being the creative-gal that I am, I often hanker for the simpler ways of doing things. Dooking for apples and cakes contain trinkets is where my heart really lies – although these activities probably contravene all heath and safety laws these days.

So this year I’ve decided to bake for Halloween and make some scary biscuits of my own. All the major supermarkets are currently awash with Halloween merchandise, including spooky-shaped cookie-cutters that are just perfect for this task.

It’s common for companies to hold Halloween events for their staff these days too. So why not think about about making some scary biscuits for your team at work to enjoy. And if baking isn’t your thing, then you can always purchase a box of pre-made ones from Fortum and Masons in London. Divine!

If you’d like my help in creating a Halloween gift for you, then call me on 07733 321759 or email me at rhona@brandingup.co.uk. I promise that there are no tricks with my ideas, only great treats!


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