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Welcome 2013

As they emerge from a fog of Christmas pudding vapor, smelling slightly of brandy sauce and still wearing their paper crowns, the Brand-it Gals are ready for action. Welcome 2013 and Happy New Year to all! In the blink of an eye we are almost through January and heading towards Burns Night followed by Valentines. Ah such heady memories of the anticipation of that card plopping onto the mat, heart pounding, mouth dry, only to find the banks logo winking at me. Anyway, we shall be pinning some lovely Valentine suggestions (and Burns ones too) on our Pinterest board, so do feel free to have a butchers. It’s been a busy old start to the year. We’ve welcomed the lovely Lois to the team. Though not the girlfriend of Clark Kent, we’re expecting great things nonetheless and you can follow her adventures on our twitter stream @branditscotland. We also bid a fond farewell of our precious Nina, who’s off to a permanent home at Loretto school. I’m sure they must need a little branded somethin