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St. Andrew's Day Gifts with a hint of Scotland

Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday, - both of which are US imports - there’s only one date between now and Christmas that really matters to us here in Scotland. That’s St Andrew’s Day, our national day on the 30th of November. Many people are unaware that in 2006 the Scottish Parliament passed the St Andrew’s Day Bank Holiday (Scotland) Act 2007. This designated the day as an official public holiday. If the 30th of November falls at the weekend, then the following Monday is a bank holiday instead. Although most of us seem to go to work on St Andrew’s Day - Boo-Hoo! - there are still plenty of events taking place to entertain folk. Out here in East Lothian we’re home to The Saltire Festival from 24–30 November, which features a great selection of activities across the region. Do visit their webby for more info, and pop out if you can! All this chat about St Andrew’s Day got me thinking about gifts that incorporated a hint of Scotland. Here’s what I found: Tartan Hi-Tops

Gifts of Remembrance for Armistice Day

Remember, remember the fifth of November. Gun powder, treason and plot! However Guy Fawkes Night and fireworks isn't the only historical event we commemorate this month. November also includes Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day. Often two separate dates when the nation, as a whole, stops for two minutes at eleven o'clock. Time to remember the servicemen and women who lost their lives, or have been injured, in protecting the freedom and democracy that we all enjoy. Tragically this includes my Uncle Ian who was killed in battle at the tender age of 21, so sadly I never knew him. He was a gunner in World War Two and his plane was shot down over the sea. I know that here in East Lothian many of our local villages will have a parade of some kind on Remembrance Sunday, and wreaths of poppies will be laid at their local war memorials. I've previously had the privilege of working with two major Scottish charities who support ex-service personnel. I've assisted both in sour