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Bespoke gifts, handmade with love

Rhona Hartley’s Heart Chunks. All photos: Copyright © Rhona Hartley, 2018. All rights reserved. When I’m not looking for exciting promotional gifts to brand for my clients, I adore getting all creative. And with Valentine’s Day almost upon us, that creativity is currently being channelled into my Heart Chunks. These are a little gift idea that I developed a few years ago, when I took a sabbatical to work with an up-cycling business and kickstart my artistic interests again. I start by finding an appropriate piece of wood – it can be any size or type – which I then lovingly sand down. Next I paint a heart or two directly on the wood, before applying wax as a protective layer. Recently I’ve modified the design by adding wee cowrie shells, that I collect during walks on my local beach, to the heart shape. I love the different colours that their exteriors provide and the variation in texture they add.  Thanks to the materials and colours that I choose, each handmad