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Lots to cheer about!

It's been a bit chilly of late at Brand-it HQ so the fire has been on! However with so many fab new things happening I haven't really had time to feel the cold! I've been joined by the wonderfully organised and efficient Nina. In the short time that she has been here Nina has amazed me with her creativity. She also provides a calming and serene atmosphere to Brand-it HQ - which is just what's needed when I'm flying around like a mad thing!!! So work is busy, busy - some lovely new clients (Hello! xxx) with fab rebranding projects plus lots of enquiries in - so plenty to keep the creative juices working overtime! As if that wasn't enough, I've now got some really exciting news that I want to share with you!! I'm delighted to announce that Brand-it's pop-up shop "Office Cheer" is live!! With a fabulous new identity and micro-website created by the adorable boys at [gawr-juhs] - Office Cheer is a revolutionary way for you to buy gifts and

Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

Eek! What happened to summer? The evenings are become darker earlier, which can only mean one thing - Halloween and Bonfire Night are just around the corner. Here at Brand-it HQ we're no strangers to pulling on daft costumes - whether bought or home-made - just for the sheer fun of it. In fact customers and suppliers who visit us have been known to join in. Earlier this week Derek from [gawr-juhs] popped in to chat about some changes we wanted to make to our fabby website. He arrived in North Berwick wearing an 80s boy-band wig. Hilarious! If you follow Brand-it on Pinterest you'll have seen that we've been revamping things. Based on feedback we've started to pin items and giveaways on boards for specific events – for example Valentine's Day and Easter. We hope these will be a source of inspiration to you plus show the creative thinking Brand-it puts into finding the right gift for your event. Walk into any high-street store and you will see Christmas products a