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Helping to brand those, who are dedicated to helping others

Have I told you that Branding Up works with Erskine , who have been caring for UK veterans throughout Scotland since 1916? The observant readers amongst you will have looked at that founding date, and already worked out that this wonderful charity recently celebrated their centenary anniversary. In the run up to their historic celebrations, Erskine contacted me and asked if I could source several items that they could incorporate into their 2016 Centenary Merchandise. My suggestions included a mini decanter set, a pashmina, gentleman’s tie, a compact mirror, and an Erskine Centenary pin badge. All these items were stylishly branded with a logo that was derived from a broach worn by Princes Louise. Louise was the sixth child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and gave her name to the Princess Louise Scottish Hospital, which was what Erskine was originally called when it was first established. Thrilled to report that Erskine were so delighted with the quality of the gifts I