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March winds and April showers…

… bring forth May flowers! We love this saying not only because we adore flowers - especially if they're bright pink ones! - but because we can enjoy glimpses of the Forth estuary and watch impending weather-fronts approach from the mezzanine floor at Brand-it HQ. Over the past week we've been investigating what items people have been searching for on the net that have lead them to the Brand-it Scotland website. As it is such an eclectic mix of products we really felt the need to share. So here are the top 5 items: 1 Tweed and Leather bags Who doesn't love a gorgeous bag? The leather and tartan Joey-D ones we had produced for the University of Edinburgh's Visitor Centre last year were a runaway success. Regardless of what your budget is, we can suggest fab bags that can be branded and will look amazing! To get you started why not have a look at our new Bags board on Pinterest. 2 Champagne Baskets We already supply a number of Brand-it customers with bespoke gift