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A gift from the Easter Bunny that lasts longer than chocolate

“Who are you?” asked the child, eyes as big as saucers. The Easter Bunny stood there, before him, dressed in a little suit and carrying a wicker basket laden with chocolates.  He plucked a little mug with a picture of himself branded on it. It contained colourful foil wrapped eggs and was wrapped in cellophane tied with a beautiful ribbon.  “I am The Easter Bunny” he said softly.  Then like a fine mist, on a March morning, he disappeared. – Rhona Hartley 2017 Do you remember the anticipation of what lay in store the night before The Easter Bunny hunt?? The fear of finding a giant White Bunny wearing a Beatrix Potter Victorian Style suit?? Surely it couldn't be true??? But who planted all those eggs all around the garden??  The excitement would build as you were handed a little decorated basket and set free along with cousins, brothers and sisters… What a racket!! Great fun though! But where did The Easter Bunny originate from??  According to some so