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Making sure your club or company team is smartly turned out

FFFFOOORRE!  It doesn't matter where or what time of year you're in Scotland, but you'll hear this warning being bellowed somewhere. On hearing the sound, my advice is to immediately crouch down with your hands over your head, to protect it from small, white, rubber-filled missles that may ricochet off of it!  Out here in East Lothian we're the home of the Golf Coast. We have 22 "must-play" golf courses along 30 miles of stunning coastline, and all within 30 minutes of Scotland's capital city. So it's not uncommon to find bewildered golfers, golf club still in hand, wandering around a beach searching for their lost ball amongst the white seashells that litter our beautiful shoreline. Sadly I've never been properly introduced to golf. This is particularly strange, given that the majority of my Scottish childhood holidays involved male members of the family going off to play a round of golf. I drew the short straw and was taken shoppi