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3 Top Tips for a Promotional Product Audit this Easter

A huge Chocolate filled (70% cocoa in case anyone feels like sending any) Happy Easter to all our lovely clients! As well as eating chocs, we'll be using the loooooooong weekend to do a spot of spring cleaning and thought you might like to join us in a little merchandising audit. Here are our top tips for this 'always on the to do list' project. Dust down your business/marketing plans. What events, product launches, parties, tradeshows, customer outreach have you got in the diary for the months ahead? Lead time equals choice and though we always aim to fulfil, rush jobs are not nearly so much fun, so get planning.  Dig around in your cupboards. Which branded products have you done in the past, that might now need refreshing/updating/restocking/recycling? The 1987 corporate brochure will never be used again (admit it), but coffee mugs and umbrellas (minimum order 25 - not so subtle hint), will always find new homes so make sure you've got lots.  Look at your de