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Why you should consider green promotional gifts for 2017

Green, green where have you been? For six whole months you haven't been seen. Now you appear like a long lost friend, with us again until Summer must end. – Rhona Hartley, April 2017 I am reminded today with the sun beating through the window that spring has arrived. Looking out onto the little garden, that I can see from Branding Up’s HQ, I see suddenly how green the grass is looking. All the leaves on the various trees are starting to spring into action too, stippling the otherwise dull brown branches with green, glorious green!   Now why am I banging on about green? Well, last December, the Pantone Color Institute revealed that it's colour of the year for 2017 was Greenery.  For the past seventeen years the Pantone Color Institute has chosen a colour that encapsulates the current cultural climate. Historically this specific colour has influenced trends in all areas of design over the next 12 months – from architecture and interior decor, to fashion, graphic