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Creating Promotional Items for the Edinburgh Festival

Singing and dancing and having fun, The Edinburgh Festival is 70 years young! Ahhhh breathe in that atmosphere! As I reach the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle, I turn around to catch my breath and look down the Royal Mile. The street is bustling full of people, both locals and tourists, who are wandering from venue to venue. Yes, you’ve guessed it! The Edinburgh Festival is up and running and is celebrating its 70th birthday. It’s hard to comprehend that Scotland’s capital city has been hosting this festival of art, music, theatre, and comedy for so long. As if Edinburgh wasn’t beautiful enough at this time of year, both the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe have made the city a “have to be there” August destination for visitors from around the world. As I wander down passed St Giles’ Cathedral, I’m accosted by an assortment of sights and sounds. Musicians busking and singing their wee hearts outs, a fire-breathing unicyclist, a comedy escapologist