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Mad as a March Hare

Don't you just love that first flash of spring? The colourful flowers, baby animals, branded pens? (the onset of March Hare madness perhaps). This week we have been mostly talking about pens, in all shapes, sizes and colours. Did you know that the first patent for a ballpoint pen was issued on October 30, 1888, to John J. Loud, who was a leather tanner? Well you do now. If, like us, you're currently in a 'pen' place, then start by thinking: Which features of your company do you need to promote - the logo, a website address, a telephone number, a tag line etc.  Will these details be engraved, embossed, stickered or printed on?  Is it destined to be a disposable piece or a treasured and coveted prize?  Of course we can help you with all these decisions, so don't be shy in giving us a call if you're stuck. "Will it brand?" is our favourite question. Horace said that "the pen is the tongue of the mind" and by jove our clients brains ha