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Why bags are a perfect promotional item, especially during the summer

The summer sun was high in the sky. A blazing ball of warmth. The sky so blue, the sand a shimmering white. The little girl screamed and whooped with delight, as she ran from the waves on the Scottish shore. “Mummy! Mummy! Look at me!” she called, as she raced in and out of the water. Her mother smiled and beckoned the little girl to come, as she pulled a cooler bag towards her. Unzipping its lid, a feast of sandwiches, fruit and juice were revealed. Placing a selection of treats on a plate, also contained within the bag, she handed them to the little girl. As she watched her daughter satisfy her appetite, the mother secretly thanked the ‘Bag God’ for creating such a handy vessel to easily carry everything to the beach. – Rhona Hartley, May 2017 BAGS! You have got to love a bag! Give me bags! Beach bags, bum bags, handbags, golf bags! But how much do we know about bags? When, for example, was the humble ‘plastic bag’ created? Not knowing the answer myself, I decided to do a little bit