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March winds and April showers…

… bring forth May flowers! We love this saying not only because we adore flowers - especially if they're bright pink ones! - but because we can enjoy glimpses of the Forth estuary and watch impending weather-fronts approach from the mezzanine floor at Brand-it HQ. Over the past week we've been investigating what items people have been searching for on the net that have lead them to the Brand-it Scotland website. As it is such an eclectic mix of products we really felt the need to share. So here are the top 5 items: 1 Tweed and Leather bags Who doesn't love a gorgeous bag? The leather and tartan Joey-D ones we had produced for the University of Edinburgh's Visitor Centre last year were a runaway success. Regardless of what your budget is, we can suggest fab bags that can be branded and will look amazing! To get you started why not have a look at our new Bags board on Pinterest. 2 Champagne Baskets We already supply a number of Brand-it customers with bespoke gift

3 Top Tips for a Promotional Product Audit this Easter

A huge Chocolate filled (70% cocoa in case anyone feels like sending any) Happy Easter to all our lovely clients! As well as eating chocs, we'll be using the loooooooong weekend to do a spot of spring cleaning and thought you might like to join us in a little merchandising audit. Here are our top tips for this 'always on the to do list' project. Dust down your business/marketing plans. What events, product launches, parties, tradeshows, customer outreach have you got in the diary for the months ahead? Lead time equals choice and though we always aim to fulfil, rush jobs are not nearly so much fun, so get planning.  Dig around in your cupboards. Which branded products have you done in the past, that might now need refreshing/updating/restocking/recycling? The 1987 corporate brochure will never be used again (admit it), but coffee mugs and umbrellas (minimum order 25 - not so subtle hint), will always find new homes so make sure you've got lots.  Look at your de

Mad as a March Hare

Don't you just love that first flash of spring? The colourful flowers, baby animals, branded pens? (the onset of March Hare madness perhaps). This week we have been mostly talking about pens, in all shapes, sizes and colours. Did you know that the first patent for a ballpoint pen was issued on October 30, 1888, to John J. Loud, who was a leather tanner? Well you do now. If, like us, you're currently in a 'pen' place, then start by thinking: Which features of your company do you need to promote - the logo, a website address, a telephone number, a tag line etc.  Will these details be engraved, embossed, stickered or printed on?  Is it destined to be a disposable piece or a treasured and coveted prize?  Of course we can help you with all these decisions, so don't be shy in giving us a call if you're stuck. "Will it brand?" is our favourite question. Horace said that "the pen is the tongue of the mind" and by jove our clients brains ha

Spring has sprung but Will It Brand?

Encouraged by the sunshine, this week Brand It HQ has been a positive hub of activity. We've... produced fab 'no tape required' gift baskets for our lovely house building clientssourced mints and bags for influential Asset Managers stocked and stored wonderful things for a Medical Giant and inspired another to look beyond pens for branded greatness. We've also made gallons of vegetable soup, (not strictly a promotional product but good for shifting those remaining Christmas pounds and instant lunch for those who pop by). Two new initiatives have also skipped through our doors this month. Firstly, we've caved to the thrill of video content and will be bringing you a 'Will It Brand?' series shortly, so watch this space, oh and feel free to make suggestions if you have a burning, (though preferably not alight) product you'd like to see branded. Secondly, my long suffering husband (AKA Allan) has now launched a unique make do and m

Welcome 2013

As they emerge from a fog of Christmas pudding vapor, smelling slightly of brandy sauce and still wearing their paper crowns, the Brand-it Gals are ready for action. Welcome 2013 and Happy New Year to all! In the blink of an eye we are almost through January and heading towards Burns Night followed by Valentines. Ah such heady memories of the anticipation of that card plopping onto the mat, heart pounding, mouth dry, only to find the banks logo winking at me. Anyway, we shall be pinning some lovely Valentine suggestions (and Burns ones too) on our Pinterest board, so do feel free to have a butchers. It’s been a busy old start to the year. We’ve welcomed the lovely Lois to the team. Though not the girlfriend of Clark Kent, we’re expecting great things nonetheless and you can follow her adventures on our twitter stream @branditscotland. We also bid a fond farewell of our precious Nina, who’s off to a permanent home at Loretto school. I’m sure they must need a little branded somethin